TNF Energy Sdn Bhd (TNF) is a 100% Bumiputera company, focusing on its expertise in providing professional Laser Scanning and 3D Modelling services. As a licensed company with PETRONAS, and with over 11 years of Survey Technical Support experiences, TNF has completed more than 500 surveys and mapping, including engineering, Oil and Gas projects, non-Oil and Gas projects, in and outside Malaysia. Throughout the years, TNF has always focused on striving to be at the top on possessing up-to-date technology know how on its field.

TNF is equipped with local own technology assets and skillful manpower to maintain as the specialist with full expert capabilities, to provide useful, beneficial services to its clients.

In providing 3D Laser Scanning, Modelling, Dimensional Control, Surveying and Engineering services, TNF aims to bring forth its services not limited to Malaysian Oil and Gas companies, but also towards Construction, Utilities companies and any other companies who seek the expertise of our specialisations.


  • Setting and maintaining high standards.
  • Striving for superior performance.
  • Maximizing the new technology adaption & absorption.


Trusted Survey & Engineering solutions in delivering precise, reliable & excellent value.



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