Laser scanning technology will support engineering projects and/or operations and maintenance work on Client's Assets.

For ‘greenfield’ projects, laser scan data may be used to establish the final as-built status of the plant, reduce the requirement for future field visits and decrease future HSSE exposure etc. It can also be used to dimensionally check modules/skids prior to shipping/installation to confirm position of interface points, etc.

For ‘brownfield’ projects, laser scan data may be used for conceptual design, detail design & verification, clash detection, and construction planning etc. Significant use can be made during turnaround planning.

On an operating asset, laser scan data may be used to establish the true as-built status of the asset, improving asset integrity & process safety management (AI-PSM). It may also be used for operator orientation and training, maintenance work planning, scaffolding planning and remote job safety reviews, etc.

Utilizing 3D Laser Scanning For Engineering Design, Clash Analysis, Drawing Production & Construction Reference​

DC Report



Dimensional Control at Fabrication Yard

Verticality & Straightness Survey

Survey Method

  • Total station at bottom of the flare and will setup at 0°,90°,180° and 270° with distance to flare leg around 75m(depends on surrounding area and line of sight).

  • Measurement has been taken at every changes shape of flare (A,B,C,D,E,F).

  • All the measurement taken as circle fit.

  • Flare bottom leg (A) as reference point, datum as 0,0,0.

Drawing Report

Stockpile Measurement Utilizing Digital Data

Mobile Laser Scanning